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Production, productivity and safety in OC mining

1. Production, Productivity and Safety: New Methods to facilitate high stripping opencast mining with improved productivity & economics 2. Design and development of software to design mine working slope and dumps 3. Advanced Blasting techniques 4. Methods to extract inter-mine boundary coal 5. Unconventional Mining Methods 6. Best Practices / Benchmarking in maintenance and operations in OC mining 7. Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Environmentally Sustainable Methods

1. Mitigative measures to check pollution load on air and water within safe limits 2. Future challenges & Energy security 3. Alternatives to blasting technology, i.e., mitigating ground vibrations and air blast 4. Developing eco-friendly logistics infrastructure 5. Mine Closure & Sustainable Energy Management 6. Social Sustainability

Renewable Energy and Clean Coal Technologies

1. Clean Coal Technologies (Methane Drainage, Coal Pyrolysis and Gasification, Carbon Capturing, Storage, Utilization and Sequestration 2. Low rank coal 3. Biofuels 4. Fuel Cells 5. Solar/Wind Power 6. High Efficiency Low Emission technologies 7. Energy Storage 8. Waste to Energy

Advanced Materials for Energy

1. Nanostructured Materials for Energy 2. Solar Energy Materials 3.Crystalline Porous Materials 4. Advanced Graphene Materials 5. Composite materials for applications in Mining/Energy sector

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