Budding Innovators Award

In order to capture the ideas of nation’s young minds, the solutions to identified technological problems/issues at Northern Coalfields Limited have been invited from students of technical institutes. The some of the identified problems are as follows:

  1. Designing of traffic system at road crossing for large size and small size dumpers in a large open cast mine considering productivity of both segments.

  2. A mobile application to be used by different categories of maintenance persons for completing their job as per check list of maintenance.

  3. A mobile application for different categories of workmen for step wise reminding safe operating procedure for performing their jobs.

  4. An application for Dragline sitting and operation.

  5. Solution for optimum water utilization in mines during summers.

  6. Utilization of overburden for large open cast coal mines (new innovative concepts).

  7. Development of a cage drone/drone ball for inspection of different structural components of Draglines (Mainly Dragline Boom) and other mining infrastructure

  8. Development of a wirelessly operated or autonomous underwater drone for inspection or exploration or mapping of flooded mines.

  9. Development of automatic seed ball making machine for mass production of selective size seed balls from a mixture of clay and manure with a seed inside. The machine should offer flexibility of selecting different composition from available clay, nutrient/manure in different layers around seed.

  10. Designing and fabricating an aerodynamic Sapling package/Canister/Cone/Container for aerial bombardment of plant saplings. The package/canister/cone/container should have 3 components-Cutting nose, biodegradable container (either made of organic material like coconut shell or some biodegradable soil friendly metal) and leaf shroud. This system is expected to be a boon for aerial reforestation of overburden dumps of opencast mines as well as other degraded areas.

  11. Any other area relevant to opencast mining

The solutions are to be presented by the students in the allotted space in Exhibition area during ICOMS-2019 scheduled to be held on 13-14 December, 2019 at Singrauli, M.P. The Budding Innovators Awards would be in 3 categories i.e. papers, models and simulations along with a Cash Award of Rs. 50K, 30K and 20K for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Winner in different categories. For this purpose NCL-IIT (BHU) Incubation Centre is the main coordinating body for screening, assisting and final display/presentation at the exhibition site.

For any query, please contact: Mr. Atanu Chakravorty, Asst. Manager, NCL-IIT (BHU) Incubation Centre, Contact: +91-7706890304 for any assistance from centre or Mr. Shivraj Singh, Chief Manager (Min), NCL, Contact-+91-7987364568 and Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Asst. Manager (IE), NCL, Contact: +91-9416154656 for any technical clarification in respect of above mentioned problem statements.

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